Time Off

I remember last week looking at the date of my last post and thinking that it had been a whole week since I’d written.  I didn’t feel any guilt at that time because the purpose of my having a blog is not to produce guilt. I have to watch out for that because guilt is not a good thing and most of the time it’s completely unnecessary.  Now it’s been about two weeks since I’ve written and I have double the reason to feel guilty of neglect, but I still don’t.  I’m going over all of this hoping to encourage anyone who is feeling burdened by the demands of communicating.  It’s a good thing to never give up on communication but get back to it whenever you can.  Having not done it for two weeks I should have plenty of things to write about. It will be fun to think about the events of the Thanksgiving season as I record them.

Family cojes to visit

This was not the first thing we did but since I have pictures of it I will write about our horse time up at the Gainesville farm.  We picked up Esther and Jonathan at the Tampa airport and went up to Julie’s house Thursday night.  Julie had their tent set up for them in the yard and they were determined to sleep out there even though it was pretty chilly by Florida standards. They probably didn’t sleep too well until morning when it warmed up a bit. So it was about noon when we finally started petting horses and watching them eat in the yard.  The five horses wandered around,  looking for grass and didn’t mind us being in their midst at all.  It’s a unique experience to be surrounded by such big animals and all that munching noise. 

It’s not hard to catch them all in the same pose

Did you ever get the urge to kiss a horse? (Me neither)

But it is even more fun to ride them and our afternoon ride through the preserve was absolutely perfect. There was no stampeding, no unruliness, no bad attitudes, and the horses were really good too. Juie was the ultimate trail guide and even had supper ready in the crock pot when we returned.  We totally enjoyed our time there and it was DIFFICULT to leave Saturday morning.

Tess, the vigilant farm dog

Julie and Sheepie demonstrating proper sheep holding technique.

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