The Well-travelled Pie

I am in the process of using things from my freezer so I can restock with newer, fresher things. I was looking in there last week and taking out some food I thought might be used for the week and for Thanksgiving dinner.  I found a box of frozen pie crusts and a loaf of bread and some English muffins. Actually while searching for the bread I spent some time organizing all my bread products and needed to set the pie crusts down while doing that. The freezer is in the garage and my Aztek is parked about a yard from the freezer door so I just reached up and set them on top of the car – the floor is too dirty.
Yes, several hours later in church, the husband who had driven separately from a different location said to me “I parked next to you. Why do you have pie crusts on top of your car?”
“Well,” I said, “I’m going to make pies and I’m thawing the crusts. They were frozen.”
“Okay,” he said, “I put them in my truck so no one would take them.”

That was my first Thanksgiving faux pas. The second one, and again it’s that freezer that’s getting me in trouble, is that I find out at 11 pm the night before that I have no butter.  The freezer is usually full of butter! I love butter and I never want to run out. Since the freezer is getting rather empty it was easy to search every shelf and there was no butter. Now I will have to be one of those terrible people who goes looking for a grocery store that’s open on Thanksgiving. Aaaaaaaagghhhg!

But there is no chance that the turkey will not get done tomorrow, because it has been cooked tonight. I was taking no chances. All of my guests tomorrow were also present two years ago when we waited on dinner for over an hour because the turkey wouldn’t cook. It never did get done. We had lots of other food and no one went hungry, but no turkey?!  It was surreal and supremely embarrassing, and evidently very memorable because they all have fun reminding me of it.

So this year I want to be known for something else and we’ll see what it will be. Maybe the well-travelled, church going pie.

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