Birthday to Remember

April 8th, My Birthday 2019

Do you remember any of your birthdays? How you celebrated? A special gift you received? Someone who surprised you with a visit or a greeting of some kind?

I try to have something memorable happen on my birthday most every year, and I’m willing to come up with it and do it alone if no one is available.  This year I didn’t have to do it alone. My mom and I did something together. We got sick.

Food poisoning, but we can’t figure out what it was for sure. I spent the day barely able to move without passing out.  In spite of being very dehydrated, neither of us wanted to risk putting food or drink into our unstable stomachs.  I spent the day crawling from the bed to the recliner and back again. I cancelled the one appointment for the day – the gym – since there was no energy available for training.  In short, it was not the memorable event I had in mind.  I get a rain check, right?

Today is better. We are both on our feet a little more, but still glad not to have a lot to do today. It is amazing how dependent we are on vital elements, like water. Take away ten pounds of water weight, and I’m barely able to function.  It definitely reminds me of my episode of dehydration on the Appalachian Trail and the recent D post I wrote on dehydration. 

It all makes me think of how we are designed, with enough flexibility to cover the usual ups and downs of life. Most of the time we don’t have to think about how much we’ve eaten or not eaten, or whether we’ve had enough to drink. Food and beverage are available to us on a pretty regular basis, leaving us free to worry about lesser things.

But there are places in this world where it is not so.  What must it feel like to live in a body that is little more than skin and bones, where there is no food or water to be had?  It happens in our own country, where being homeless or in poverty can make it so difficult to be fed with something nutritious.  I was overcome with weakness, loss of motivation, pain and the need to rest somewhere safe.  I can’t imagine being out on the street in a city, or out in a desert village in Africa and trying to survive under those conditions.

I am grateful that I was at home yesterday, recovering slowly as I watched birthday greetings come in on Facebook. I got a delivery of flowers, several cards and a book I had ordered in the mail, a visit from my brother and his kind delivery of some Pedialyte.  I have reasons to remember this birthday, just sayin’…

12 thoughts on “Birthday to Remember

  1. I’m really sorry that you weren’t feeling well on your birthday, but you do point out how awful it would be without the basic necessity of water. I couldn’t imagine being in a position where this and other things weren’t available. Good point and good post! I hope you’re over your food poisoning and that your mum is too !

  2. Shirley, I sent you a greeting yesterday but don’t see it here. So, here is another with love, hugs and prayers!!

    • Yes, I did see one from you this morning and it was a good thing to start the morning on. Thank you so much! I remember it was all in caps so I knew you were shouting it over the distance, lol.

  3. Happy birthday. Not the day you want to remember perhaps. I hope you and your mother get well soon and your rain check experience is lovely and memorable.

  4. Happy Birthday. My birthday also falls in April – April 19th. We seldom do anything for birthdays. They pass by without much notice.

    • Well, it’s only the 18th, but I’m stopping by to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW – so I won’t forget. Don’t let it go by without doing some fun, little thing. Have a great day Elaine.

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