A New Era?

Yesterday as I was leaving work my employer announced that a new worker was coming to train on Monday morning.  She has spent time training on the night routine already and now will learn how to do the day routine BECAUSE she is going to be the new travel nurse.  I’ve been taken seriously in my requests not to travel anymore! And my employer hasn’t been upset with me that I can detect.  She’s actually been very appreciative of the recent care I’ve given during her bout with the flu.

This new full time worker, I think, will allow me to have my regular weekly schedule of four days with Wednesdays and the weekend off.  In addition, when they travel I will have mini-vacations when nothing is required of me.  Oh how I look forward to that!  I’ve recently suffered from a “burn out” energy crisis but I can feel myself getting motivated to do stuff again at the thought of having that time.  I will no longer have the dread of the next request to go out of town.  It’s like entering a new era of life. 

And I don’t have to get anxious about it being an era of less money either – because there is that aspect of it.  I have word of a possible place to get extra hours at higher pay for less strenuous work.  That is really what I need at this point to spare my joints and muscles the constant pain. I am so grateful for this turn of events and will live in a mode of inner celebration until further notice.

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