Big Bird

It’s been hot and steamy these days.  Hot is around 90 degrees, although it starts out cooler in the mornings because it’s autumn. On my usual walk out to prepare the pool for the morning swim (at work) I always look around at the gardens to see if anything adverse has occurred, at the machinery to see if there are malfunctions with the pool pump or the irrigation, and at the wildlife – if there be any.  The place is pretty wild actually, lots of raccoons, possums, osprey, woodpeckers, lizards, fish, manatee, dolphin. There is always something to notice for the discerning eye.  This particular morning there was a low, prolonged croak coming from high in the canopy and it wasn’t hard to locate – such an unusual sound.  I should have recorded it but by the time I got the camera it had quieted down.  Here is who it was…

Great Blue Heron perhaps?

 If it’s a Great Blue Heron, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in a tree before. You might not be able to see the scale of bigness here without something to compare it with, but take my word for it, this was a big bird. Lots of amazing things in Florida.

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