Out the door

Finally, I finished it off! Some tasks that I desperately want done just seem to hang around forever.  I start them and make a big mess and don’t have time to finish.  I end up looking at the mess for days and days.  Sometimes I don’t know how to finish it, or sometimes it’s just so tedious that I can’t stand to spend my precious time on it.  But today the critical pressure built up and I forced myself to clean up and pare down my Mary Kay store.  All those things that will never be sold, never be used by me, never given as gifts – things that take up space and grow old yet are so hard to throw away – they are now sorted, boxed up and on their way to new lives somewhere. I am so relieved and it was worth the hours it took to do it. (By the way, if “anyone” needs some bright blue and gold cream eye shadows for their next face decorating occasion let me know. #freestuff.)

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