Bed & Breakfast

Cooper Hill House

 We went back to the mainland to find our B&B before dark.  It was an historic house owned by the mayor of Bayfield. He and his wife had been operating it for the last 20 years and were quite practiced and hospitable. We had the smallest of his four rooms and I’m thinking that was why he was willing to book us for only one night.  It was very nautical, in décor and in the sense that it was about the size of a ship stateroom in spite of being called the Captain’s Quarters.  One chair, the bed (may have been queensized but looked small to me), a teeny little bathroom where you could sit, shower and brush your teeth all at the same time,  and little else – but what more would we want in a bedroom?

We left our stuff and went in search of dinner.  We found it at Maggie’s, and although I didn’t get the whole story, the ambience of the restaurant suggested that she was a lady of the night.  Early brothel style I would call it, gaudy and cheerful, stuffed flamingoes hanging from the ceiling and featured in art work on the walls, string lights in primary colors everywhere, waitresses in tie dye T-shirts, and quite a few GB Packer memorabilia.  The place was packed and the food was good.

acrobatic flamingoes amid the lights
Back at the house there was really nothing to do except things disruptive to the other guests and the hosts, so we got ready and went to bed.  It was 9 pm.  Do you realize how long a night is ahead of a person who goes to bed at 9 pm?  It is interminable.  I spent a couple hours getting sore on one shoulder, a couple getting sore on the other shoulder and a couple getting sore on my back and it was still only 3 am with no light in sight.  When it did finally get light and I could stand it no longer I got up and took a shower and dressed. It was still only 5:58 am and three hours till breakfast.  Reading time, on the one hardback chair in the corner… 
Breakfast was good in a cosmopolitan way.  Here’s what we had: lots of good coffee with cream, fresh blueberries swimming in vanilla yogurt and cream, fresh pressed apple juice, and two different kinds of fresh baked muffins with apple butter and marmalade.  All of it was mixed with interesting conversation with the retired couple from IBM and the also retired couple on the motorcycle and of course, the hosts. The history of the house and their slice of small town America (where they still never lock their door) was interesting.  The whole experience almost made me wish to have a B&B business. Almost, but not really.  

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