The Edge

We visited Dennis’s friend – the one who has a famously small house – Sunday afternoon.  The house is called The Edge. I don’t know why.  Maybe because it’s so small you always feel like you’re on the edge of something and about to fall out.  In 300 sq. ft. the husband, wife, daughter, daughter’s husband and 4 mo. old baby, oh and the German exchange student were spending the weekend.  As you might expect, they were spending a lot of it outside.  But it really was an exceptional little house, and they were exceptionally nice people.  The son-in-law had been out fishing earlier and had caught two huge walleye in Lake Superior.  He cleaned and filleted them and gave them to ME! 
Next we went in search of early apples, or whatever we could find.  We found a very nice little family orchard. I loved the barn, converted into store, which housed their business.  Customers were invited up two flights of stairs to the mow where the view was out of this world.  Really, you could see out of this world. I mean it.  It was beautiful. 
The afternoon concluded with an uneventful drive home, debriefing with mom and dad, and fresh walleye for dinner.  It was a good day.

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