Thoughts about "home"

Hayward, Wisconsin isn’t just where I’m from. It’s always been “my town”, almost like a possession to me. All my memories from certain periods in my life are centered here.  Unfortunately, I’ve finally realized that my Hayward is pretty much in my memory and no where else. I guess I’ve been fighting it for years, trying to stay up to date with the new buildings and businesses, the roads where none were before, my parents moving from time to time and having a different house… but this time it might be too much.  It’s not that I don’t recognize anything – it’s that I do recognize it and it’s not the same anymore. The field is a forest. The forest is a parking lot. And the people who were familiar are not in their places. I don’t even look for old friends this time because I’m pretty sure if I saw them, they would look old and not like themselves. My parents don’t get out as much as they used to so when I ask them “have you seen so-and-so?” the answer is usually that they haven’t. I think I would have to be here for quite a while and work at it to lay claim to it again.

But I have to say that it is a nice place to visit.  I always feel a sense of security when I consider that even though many things change I still have family in this place.  They do a good job of living here.  They are involved in the community in many ways.  All the relatives get togther on Saturday mornings on a regular basis for donuts and coffee.  Mom and I still went to a garage sale yesterday morning. And we still have jigsaw puzzle marathons – I’ve put two together so far.

Today after Boone coffee time we are heading up to Bayfield and Madelaine Island. Brother Dennis and family are camping on the island and we’ll spend some time there before checking into our B&B (yes we are). Tomorrow morning husband Dennis has arranged a rendezvous with a friend who has an unusual house that we will tour. The house is 300 square feet so it shouldn’t take long.

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