Significance of the Ordinary

All week I’ve been looking about for something significant to write, but I’ve actually been too busy thinking and reading to put something together.  It’s times like this that I need to drum up some resolve to make myself write. That’s what people who are real writers do – they just make themselves write. When does something ever grab you by the neck and scream “I’m significant! Write about me!”?  Almost never.

There were some different events this week that kept me on my toes (why do people say that?). For one, my work schedule was unusual. Normally I work 4 day shifts of 5-6 hours each for a total of 20 -24 hours.  This week I worked Monday day shift, Monday night shift, Thursday day shift and Thursday night shift for a total of 30 hours.  I don’t like working nights but there were some good things about it this week, namely being able to go home at 7 am instead of staying to do a double.  Both days, Tuesday and Friday, I was able to go home, get a nap and carry on fairly well after my short night sleeps. It was like getting a bonus day off.  When working nights, there might or might not be a chance to sleep – it’s hard to predict how things will go – but, if it does get boring I don’t have to fight to stay awake.  Sleeping is allowed if possible.

Today after breakfast I crawled in bed (it felt so good) and slept until Dennis turned off the TV and went to work. The quiet woke me up. I started thinking about my newest project in the oneacrewoods and got a sudden burst of energy which made it impossible to go back to sleep. It’s remarkable how being motivated can banish sluggishness.

Yesterday I followed up on a sale bulletin and bought some blackberry plants, thorn less ones.  We’d been discussing where to put them, but when you only have one or two sunny spots you pretty much know where they have to go.  They also need support so the fence was the logical location. However the fence was already inhabited by two large bougainvillea bushes which had been there for a loooong time. They were given to me by a good friend when we first moved to Florida and I had nursed them through several bad seasons. In a way I had bonded with the thorny rascals.  Upon deeper consideration, I realized that they had been growing on the fence for at least 10 years and had never turned red and flowery like they’re supposed to. They grow branches 7 or 8 feet long in as little as a month and have barbs up to an inch long which are horribly sharp.  Every time I trimmed then or mowed around them I came away bleeding.  All in all, what about these plants would I miss? I spent all morning cutting, sawing and chopping them out of the ground and off the fence.  I was going to take a picture of the blood streaming down my forearm, for the blog, but one thing led to another and I didn’t. Tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain all day, the blackberry plants are going in. I will take a picture.

Many things this week were just nice and ordinary. However I find significance in that – that ordinary is enjoyable, even comforting.  I am blessed with a home I love, a job I enjoy, many meaningful things to do and interesting people to do them with. All for now because I’m saving some things for tomorrow when I make myself write again.

Talk (write) to me.

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