The truth is, I don’t really remember lines from movies the way I sometimes pretend to do. I remember one quote from “Star Wars”, “the Force be with you”, or at least I think that was said there. I remember several things I loved from “Princess Bride” but I can’t quote them exactly, something about a peanut, and something about the RUS’s. I remember the shrubbery in “Monte Python’s Holy Grail” and the blood spurting hand (which I’ve tried to forget and can’t). “UHF” is responsible for my love of enterociters (spelling?).  Lastly, I remember laughing till my sides hurt during “Three Amigos” but I’ve watched it since and couldn’t quite relive the experience. I sort of remember being sick and having a fever while watching it the first time and that may have accounted for it seeming so funny. That’s it. That’s all.

I do enjoy a good movie and can get caught up in a thought provoking plot, if it’s not too weird and unbelievable and if the characters are compelling and I do have an emotional memory of how I was affected by most movies. I rarely choose to watch a movie a second time (exception – Princess Bride). I guess I just don’t want to clog my neuron pathways with most movie content when I have trouble remembering my own life that I’m actually living. And then there’s the actors … I put them in the same boat with sports figures. They simply get paid too much for what they do, even when they do it well. If they’re a high salaried actor it should be part of their job to go feed starving people in Africa with a lot of their money. It’s ridiculous, and no wonder so many of them end up getting disillusioned with life in general. That being said, you must be aware that this is an opinion and you are entitled to feel differently. 

One thought on “Confession

  1. OMG! You just listed some of my favorite movies! And I happen to have already clogged my brain with those quotes;)From memory:"May the force be with you.""No more rhymes now I mean it…Anybody want a peanut?""What about the ROUS's?…Rodents of unusual size? I don't believe they exist."And a final quote from the 3 Amigos (just for fun) "I can kiss you on the veranda?…No, the lips will be fine."Ha ha! AWESOME!

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