Thoughts of Far Away Places

Sulang and I were the oldest of all the adults. She cooks for and mentors more than 20 children. I can’t wait to see how she likes the new house they were able to move into. Amazing how much we communicated even with the language barrier.

It’s the time of year for me to think of going to Cambodia again. No, I’ve really been thinking about it for months, but I guess I mean that it is the time of year for DOING something about it. Something like buying a ticket for a flight. Today it’s been on my mind in a big way because this weekend I will be part of a presentation about the orphanages in Cambodia. I have a chance to talk for five minutes about my experience there to a group of possible supporters on Saturday night and two more groups on Sunday. These people represent a lot of support financially and some will be persuaded to come on the next trip and see for themselves what it is like. My friends and mentors in this project will also speak and show an awesome video they made of their children there.  I would so love for my words to be effective in helping more children to be rescued and cared for and loved.

The children were having so much fun singing songs and dancing for us. Some of them are awesome performers

I can’t wait to see my sweet friend Chanra. I hear she wants to be a nurse and I want to encourage her.

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