From now on all names in my blog will be changed to protect the innocent, namely me. No one will be mentioned by name unless I am pretty sure I will not be sued by them for any reason.  Names can be downright dangerous. Take, for instance, the name that appeared on an email this week in the ” from” space: Esi. It bears some resemblance to one of my daughter’s names and I deliberated long and hard before deleting it without opening.  And I think it was the right choice.   I should have debated long and hard about clicking a webaddress of one of my blog viewers… from Russia, it turns out. That was totally the wrong choice.  And if you (you know who you are) really do read this, GET OFF MY BLOG.  So if you family members and family-like members who read this regularly (bless you) don’t recognize my life or the people in it anymore, I can send you a list of aliases by email. Hey,  I don’t even recognize my life with all these strangers in it. My mom said I could write about her by name but I never call her by her name – she’s Mom!

And then there was Norbert, the Verizon CSR who graciously gave me 150 bonus minutes on my phone plan because I was running short.  Norbert?  I just wasn’t expecting that name at all, especially from someone so polite and proper (I’m thinking India).  By the way Norbert, the 150 minutes haven’t showed up on my account yet.  I know who you are. I’ve got your name and there can’t be that many of you…

Another intrusion from the big, scary internet world – I now know about “backscatter” and “bounces” since someone has appropriated my name and email address for their spam.  These really unintelligible messages come back to me when they can’t be delivered to their recipients.  There are only four of them so far but I can expect more.

Lastly, every once in a while, a family name that only my closest people use on me crops up. For example, a few minutes ago local cousin-once-removed Janice (fictitious name) sent me a fb message and called me Sherb. I just have to say it made me smile and felt pretty good.

Talk (write) to me.

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