I Didn’t Fall Off

My daughter got off to pick blackberries

 I am age 61.  I have a horse that I hardly ever see or ride.  He lives in Gainesville with my daughter who takes very good care of him.  She loves horses and is almost a veterinarian. She is half my age with relatively no limitations compared to me.  One of our goals on this last weekend spent together was to ride our horses and I am happy to say that me, my daughter and her good friend, we did it.

It was a beautiful day with a comfortable cloud cover and a nice breeze. We rode and rode and rode because it was so pleasant.  My daughter picked berries and fed us. We did a little gallop and I didn’t fall off.  We rode some more.  We had to cross a big field so we galloped some more. My horse put his head down as he started to run because he was so happy but I didn’t fall off.  We rode for hours before we decided to go home and then it seemed good to go home a little faster.  We galloped across the field again. Once more my horse did his funny little thing with his head, and I almost fell off, but I didn’t.  As he was galloping and I was hanging on some birds flew up out of the grass and made my horse go a lot faster and a bit sideways. I didn’t fall off then either.  My horse likes doing whatever his friend horses do.  We came to a big log (it was a very big log) across the trail in the woods and my daughter’s horse wanted to go fast over the log.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to go fast over the log but my horse did, so we went.  I didn’t fall off but I don’t know why.  My horse knew it was my first jump so he stayed under me.  He’s such a good horse.   We finally got home after our wonder ful ride. We were hot and thirsty.  When I got off my horse my legs were frozen in an upside down U shape.  They really hurt except in the places where they were numb. I had to walk kind of funny but I got my horse in his stall and took off his saddle. All of a sudden I knew if I didn’t sit down I was going to fall off my own feet! Every time I tried to stand up my head felt tingly and it started to get dark so I sat on the floor for quite a long time. My daughter brought me some orange juice and gave my horse a bath for me.  He was happy because we went on a ride. I went to the house and took a long nap. I am 61 and I have a horse.

This is how the ride looked to me when we weren’t galloping

My daughter took this picture and said my horse was posing but he was really peeing.

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