The Winddown

Gently raining, which is a very calming, soothing weather event to me.  I live in an awesome forest of old growth live oak trees – and the word awesome really does apply here, unlike many instances where it’s used.  A whole year’s worth of energy from the sun, rain and atmosphere, put into leaf growth, has fallen down. See, we do have “fall” only it’s in the spring. And now the canopy is that light green, almost glowing shade of freshness with huge, dark limbs supporting it. It is even more apparent how awesome this all is when you start to rake and find if there is any grass left under the leaves, and when you have to vacuum them out of all the cracks and crevices of your car, when they cover the drive every day and stain the cement brown with their tannin, and when you find them on the floor of every room in your house, and in your shoes, cuffs and pockets. I am not sending any of them to the landfill this year. They are all getting piled around the bases of the trees that produced them, which I think is fair.

My weekend is nearly over – the second half being much more restful than the first half. I was still in the stage of thinking about cleaning the guest room when Scottie called to say that the Saturday nurse had been in the hospital and needed a recovery day. I was the only possible replacement since Cindy would be on her way to the airport. I cleaned until I went to bed and got up early and cleaned some more. Scottie had the night nurse get her started on her day and asked me to come “finish her off” which I think is a poor choice of words because my mind always goes you know where. It was only two and a half hours of work and an hour of driving but it certainly added some stress and busy-ness to life. I had a clean room instead of a clean house but I don’t think our guests noticed.

The girls were nice and their stay was uneventful. The whole group had been at the beach in the afternoon and they were glad to get here, take a shower and go to bed. We went to bed on the new spring time since I had turned all the clocks ahead early. I didn’t hear either of their performances today since I was on the way to my other church after dropping them off. They seemed to think it was odd that I would be going to two churches and I guess it is. I’m so used to it I never think about it anymore.

I’ve heard some thought provoking messages today, done some good reading, some writing, relaxed a bit and am now watching and listening to the rain. A good day overall. And as predicted, Monday morning will be here in the blink of an eye…

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