February Goodness: Blessings

I am learning to recognize blessings, not actually counting them, like the old song describes, but realizing that all the small surprises in my day are really blessings. That was the common denominator of all the good things on this Wednesday in the first week of February.

A stunning sunrise that kept evolving so fast that I ran outside in the freezing temps at least three times to capture its stages. The brightest spot is no longer hidden behind a building like it has been for several months. The sun is moving! (I know, not really…)

Our family pod of five, gathered together to have a meal. And our extended family and friends on ZOOM who took the time to throw a virtual birthday party for our Ryan, my youngest daughter’s fiancée.

The catalog promising that spring is coming eventually for us, and even now for some happy gardeners. I have already planned, and ordered but that doesn’t keep me from reading it all again. Gardens are such hopeful things!

I’m especially grateful for these blessings on a day that also holds much tension. A dear friend battling cancer went into the hospital on an emergency basis. Blessing and trial, side by side, else how would we know that by contrast they sweeten each other. We are praying for this situation and appreciate all who join us in hoping for more time with our friend.

3 thoughts on “February Goodness: Blessings

  1. Seed catalogs and books have a lot in common. I own books (traditional and audio) for about the same reasons. Owning the knowledge in the book is sometime just as good for me as reading and planting that knowledge in my brain. Hope. Hope to plant and grow the seed. Hope to read and hold the information contained to broaden my world.

    • I often tell people with questions that i can’t answer them because I don’t want to clutter my brain with information, but I have a book somewhere, if i can find it.

  2. I feel the way you do about seed catalogues. They really are hopeful, aren’t they? Sorry to hear about your friend battling cancer … you are right, blessing and trial side by side … sweetening each other. Such encouraging thoughts in all of this.

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