I Love My Refrigerator


Highlight of the day, and probably the whole month – I got a new refrigerator.  I’m just saying that refrigeration is one of the things we take for granted, and shouldn’t.

Eldest daughter said “what happened to the old one? It’s just you and dad so you couldn’t have needed a bigger one!”  But we did.  It may seem like an inconsequential need compared to those who have no refrigeration at all and that is true. But think of how many times in a day that you go into the fridg for something. I am a tall person and every time I had to bend over or get down on my knees to look on shelves that were low and deep. At times, I was nearly crawling into the thing. The only part I could look into standing up was the freezer where I seldom needed to go.

And then some really smart person came up with bottom freezer refrigerators. I have had one of those ever since my first bout with really bad back problems, and what a blessing they have been.  They make so much sense.  That’s the main reason for getting a new one. It’s just so sensible to put the stuff you need most often on the top where you can get to it.

However, there’s more. The old refrigerator with the freezer on top only produced ice cubes by me. I filled those plastic trays – the ones where two or three cubes never pop out until you pound them on the kitchen counter, then they fall out on the floor and you don’t find them until later when you step in the puddle. For my company meals I would empty four or five of them and have to fill them up, find a level spot in the freezer to put them down, and get out again before the door swung shut on me. If I forgot and didn’t do it immediately guess what? No ice next time. Have you ever timed how long it takes for an ice cube to freeze?

I purposely did not shop for the double door refrigerator with the water/ice dispenser and all the digital readouts. I don’t like being constantly reminded that I need a new water filter. I especially don’t like having to take the whole ice maker apart every time there’s a jam, although it’s not hard and I’m very good at it. It’s just a pain when you think ice is at your fingertips, and then it isn’t.  My opinion – there’s just too much to go wrong with those models.

In the middle, between ice cube trays and digital dispensers there sits a reliable, sensible solution. A bin in the freezer which fills itself with ice. It’s effortless. Put a scoop in it and shovel away. I am so blessed.

This new fridg is four cubic feet bigger than the old one too, which means that I only have to stack the containers of leftovers two high. Also nice, I open the door and nothing falls out by itself. Everything is right there, upright in its own space, at eye level, in good lighting. It’s just lovely. I may actually stay in the kitchen and cook tomorrow just to be around the refrigerator and enjoy it.  Rarely do I do something that extreme.

One last benefit was just demonstrated to me. The husband, who is also primed to enjoy the new appliance, just came in and got directions on how to find the prunes on the second shelf. With nothing except a brief description of the jar, he opened the door and pointed right to it. Way to go LG. Life is good, just sayin’…

Complete with magnets, pics and coupons…

3 thoughts on “I Love My Refrigerator

  1. Ok, I have had second thoughts about contributing this info since you already own an LG unit, but better you know.

    I bought an LG fridge about 2 1/2 years ago. I LOVED that unit. It lasted 18 months when if failed. The master mother board (or whatever) failed and the repair team worked for 3 weeks to get the right part (several orders where requested – always the wrong part was sent.) The short story of what happened was that we had to buy another new fridge after 18 months. They couldn’t get the replacement part to repair it. The problem is LG is a Korean product. They are not bound by US laws. US Law requires that US manufacturers maintain a supply of replacement parts for 10 years after a model has been discontinued. Korea stops manufacturing replacement parts when they stop manufacturing a specific model. They are not bound by the 10 year window. So we could not get a replacement part for a fridge that was only 18 months old. Frustrating.

    I purchased a GE fridge (‘American product’ – BUT was actually made in Mexico – because we don’t make anything ourselves any more – so annoying – but as an American company they are bound by American laws.) I don’t like the unit as much as the LG unit, but as the technician said, they carry the replacement parts on their truck usually – or at a minimum can get them on order quickly – if we have a problem.

    Good luck with your LG model. They are really great … until they aren’t.

    • Interesting. I asked the salesperson about the company and he said their repair man thought they were good – that’s why the store started selling them. I hope I don’t find out otherwise.

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