On the way…

You may have heard of Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. It’s rather famous for its careful medical analysis and care. We are on our way there, hoping to find help for the husband who feels somedays like he is losing his mind, and maybe a few other parts too.

We have set this up, correction, I have set this up and have concerns about whether all the bases are covered for a good appointment. We’ve had unpleasant, last minute surprises about insurance coverage. What I thought would be three days, maybe four, of testing is now stretching out over a week. We may go home for the weekend and back on Monday rather than live in a motel the whole time. I just have uncertainty about whether we are prepared. The husband has not been able to help much.

We are not fearful. We will do all we can think to do, but it is clear that we are not in control here and haven’t found anyone else who is either. That leaves God. I see some pretty crazy things he claims to have done, pointing to some measure of control. I’m going with whatever he sets up. Done it before and can’t say I’ve ever been sorry. Whatever happens, we’ll claim it’s good because he says it will be. He has a lot of skin in the game, and no reason to lie.

Pray for us if you will – me, the husband and Mom – on this trip. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “On the way…

  1. Hey Guys, we are praying for you back here in FL. Not sure why the Lord has us seemingly “jump through a few hoops,” but I’m fairly sure there’s always a good (i. e. “God”) reason. You will probably be used to encourage somebodies along the way! I know you are “blessed of the Father” (Matt. 25:34) and will be a blessing whether down south or up north.

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