Getting Away in Gatlinburg!

Tomorrow the husband and I are getting on an early flight to Knoxville for a short vacation. Never mind that we have never taken vacations before – we’ll learn how to do it. Never mind that we’re only doing this because it’s a time share sales pitch and we have to resist listen to a two hour hard sell.  We get three nights, four days in the Smoky Mountains! Sweet.

Our time away from home has always consisted of trips to see family, business trips, and solo trips where one of us stayed home. We have gone out to dinner a number of times, does that count? Part of our problem has been that it is hard work to plan and take a vacation. It is harder work than just staying home and going to work as usual. And it is costlier than staying home, for the most part. Watching TV away from home can easily costs $100 a night whereas at home, the same amount pays for a whole month! Enough of that, we’re going.

Our destination is close to Gatlinburg, the “gateway to the Smokies”, which sounds lovely to me. I want to wander the quaint streets with occasional glances at the nearby views of mountains and streams. I want to ride the cable tram over the valley.  I want to be a tourist!

One of the days I am promising myself a hike to a waterfall. I have looked at the maps and there are so many trails to choose from I’m going to have a hard time picking just one. Daughter Julia hopes to truck over from North Carolina to hike with me. My new trekking pole doesn’t quite fit in the suitcase we’re taking but the husband is going to find it “necessary” for his stability in the airport, so it’s going.

A late breakfast tomorrow in Gatlinburg. It will be wonderful! The only thing that could ruin it would be if we came back owning a time-share. Just sayin’ … (and prayin’…).

Encouraged by the message on a flyer in the mail, she set off on a vacation.

3 thoughts on “Getting Away in Gatlinburg!

  1. Hi Shirley! I was just in Gatlinburg this past weekend. I’ll be honest, I’m an outdoorsy sort and would much much much rather hike on the trails in the mountains than subject myself to the touristy traffic jam that is Gatlinburg. I’m almost a native, though, having grown up just 30 minutes away so I think we’re supposed to be jaded and crabby about it 🙂 Hopefully you’ll enjoy yourself! I hear the aquarium is fantastic. Like I said I grew up in the area, though I now live 5 hours away, so I have hiked to many of the falls in the area. Last weekend we hiked to Grotto Falls. It’s near Gatlinburg and can be reached by the Trillium Gap Trail off of the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. The falls are 1.3 miles from the parking lot. Rainbow Falls is in the same area, but I’m not sure whether that trail will be open when you’re there. They are doing some major reconstruction so it’s closed during the week I think. Laurel Falls is another one that’s not too far away – and a very easy hike also. The trail is paved, but still a bit uneven. It’s also 1.3 miles to the falls from the parking lot. Hope you have a great time and I want to hear all about it!

    • Yes! I was hoping to make a loop – Rainbow Falls and back on Bullhead Trail. But wherever we end up hiking I’ll love it. We are staying closer to Sevierville and might try to avoid some traffic – I’ve lived in a summer tourist area too and it can be awful. Thanks for responding Ruth, I appreciate advice from a (past) local.

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