#AtoZChallenge: My Favorite Things E

North Carolina, here comes the sun…

Early Morning

Early morning is really a collection of my favorite things.

As night wears on I begin to ache physically from inactivity and wake frequently. I am always relieved and eager to get out of bed when I smell the aroma of coffee at 6:30. I program the coffee maker the night before because it makes me feel like someone has anticipated my need and has been in the kitchen before me. I am easily fooled.

Although I hear traffic in the distance, I know no one is coming to the door, or calling at this hour. I used to have to prepare for the day and travel to work. But I don’t do that now and the change is refreshing. On the average day, I have at least two hours before there is anyone in my world that I must deal with. There is a lot of peace in this.

I read things carefully chosen to remain in my thinking during the day. Sometimes I have the luxury of thinking about a passage long enough to memorize. I have rediscovered memorization and it is a joy, a challenging joy.

I write. I give it all up, in my journal. Once it is out, I know myself better.

I sometimes make a list. I love lists and they actually help me get things done.

I watch light appear magically, making the night go away. And then I see it is the sun. On days like today it stays oddly dark and there is thunder, but I know the sun is out there because it always has been.

It’s early morning and I am alive for one more day. There is purpose in that and I am eager to find out what it will be (almost all the time…).

sunrise over inter-coastal waterway.
Wisconsin sunrise
Florida sunrise and clouds Inter-coastal waterway
Florida double sunrise, pond reflections

*All photos private property, contact me for permission.

22 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: My Favorite Things E

  1. When I watch the sun rise, it’s usually after staying up to work in the peace of night. No disruptions, no demands but my own, a chance to hear my own thoughts. If I’m still awake when the sun comes up, I always stop to watch and take pictures if it’s especially striking. 🙂
    Your photos are beautiful. That last one is absolutely stunning!

      • I saw John Frain, the self-murdering flash fiction genius has sleep patterns as disorganized as mine. I normally sleep for 4 to 5-1/2 hours, then maybe once a week I’ll sleep for 7 or 7-1/2. It seems to be enough. I learned long ago to sleep when I’m tired, and not worry about what the “experts” say. And if I need to sleep, there isn’t much that can keep me awake. lol


  3. I tried once really hard to become a morning person. Just couldn’t rewire myself. I’m sure it’s awesome to watch the sunrise because I’ve done it more than a few times just before heading to bed. I know if the sun’s coming up, it’s getting late. But your photos are convincing me to give it another try.

    • We are all wonderfully different from each other, for a reason I suspect. Actually sunsets look almost like sunrises – it’s only what comes after that’s different.

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