Love this creative reproduction…

Pottery of a different sort...
Pottery of a different sort…

I’ve often wanted to work in clay, but the closest I’ve gotten to that is to collect interesting pieces of pottery.  This is one that I love from an artist I encountered at a bluegrass festival in north Georgia.  I put it on my table every fall.


3 thoughts on “Love this creative reproduction…

  1. Oh, the kindergarten craft was adorable but that’s not to belittle your dish, which is clearly made by a professional artist.

  2. We made these in kindergarten. Rolled out the clay, pressed the leaf into it, cut around the edges of the leaf with scissors and then removed the leaf and laid the clay over a bowl to dry. Then we spray painted it in fall colours. My mom still has it.

  3. Beautiful! I’m just getting around to going through the post in my Reader and would have gotten to it soon, but I’m glad you commented to let me know it’s there! Love the color and the realistic “imperfections.” Great buy!

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