Pinch Me

I’m here in Seattle, and of course I’m sitting in a coffee shop looking out at Puget Sound. The ferry is crossing my view, people of all ages are running, biking, walking with their dogs on the street.  It’s supposed to be a record high temperature today, maybe in the 90’s, but it certainly is not like any 90 degree weather back in Florida.  This cool breeze off the water will make wearing long sleeves comfortable most of the day.  I’ve spent half an hour with my coffee while looking at bus schedules online.  I’m going to meet my daughter this afternoon in the downtown area and we’ll go to one of her appointments together.  I want to go early and pick up something at the famous Pike’s Place Market. 

I spent yesterday getting used to being here and resting from the trip.  I left the house only to take the granddog for a short walk.  Rae has been my little buddy since I got here, “dogging” me as I move from room to room.  She crept in and slept with me the first night and we’ve taken several naps together too, something we both seem to love to do.  Even though she does the alone thing pretty well, she seems glad to have my company. 

The mountains in the distance to the west look so inviting.  I have not been that far yet but hope to do it sometime soon.  Tomorrow I will be traveling an hour east for an adventure with a friend – maybe on a bike if my painful shoulder isn’t too affected by riding.  

Lots to think about here, and to look at, maybe to write about.  but for now my battery is getting low and I must close out this session.  Just sayin’ it – from Seattle.   

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