Who Can Write?

“We are all so much more complicated than we allow ourselves to appear.”

“There is no life too dull to be transformed into art by a lively imagination.  Even Rumpelstiltskin began with straw.”

Bess Steed Garner in the book “A Woman of Independent Means”

Reading again one of my favorite books and finding myself in these pages, over and over.  It’s scary. And that is definitely what makes a book good for me – finding recognizable people in it, myself or others. 

I know everyone can’t write and everyone doesn’t want to write.  It’s the lively imagination part that needs to be cultivated, probably early in one’s life, to make a writer.  But everyone’s life is special in ways that they don’t even recognize and acknowledge.  If I use my imagination I could write a book about you, or about me.  And maybe I will. 

Talk (write) to me.

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