Begin Anywhere, Just Begin

This is a picture of the Gray Kitty that lives at my house.  Putting up her picture, or any other picture, is what I must do to begin posting on my page since I still have an “error on page” that keeps me from entering the cursor until I put in a picture.  Just as I had to figure out a way to begin my posts, through much frustration, I must also figure out a way to begin THE BOOK.  Every day at work I look at this month’s calendar page with it’s wisdom from Mary Engelbart “begin anywhere, just begin”. So I think it’s talking about the book that I’m supposed to be writing. 

Tonight on Facebook a friend back in my northern home town mentioned that she was working on her book.  She’s an ambitious sort but I didn’t know she was writing a book and telling people about it.  She sounded sort of confident and it made me think maybe she knew how to publish as well as write. ” No”, she said,  She didn’t care if it ever got published, she was just determined to write it. That might be the right attitude and I’m going to try it on for starters.  Forget publishing for now. 

Tomorrow I’m going to make a plan, with deadlines and defined tasks.  I’m going to attempt to do at least one thing every day, no matter how small.  One of the small things that I did today was to address the confines of my paying job.  I requested a change of status – from full-time to stand-by.  Nothing will happen quickly, since we have to find a replacement for me and nothing of that sort seems to happen quickly if at all.  But once I am working less it will become more important that I work on the book as a job, regularly, with other people keeping me accountable.  I think that’s what real writers do. 

I hope I don’t regret this post in the future when a reader asks me how the book is coming along… I’m just sayin’ it’s a little scary making public committments, but it’s a beginning, right?

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