Battling Winter, post #2

Skis and boots just like I remembered from 30 years ago (when I last skiied).

So how do you do battle with winter? You enjoy it in every way you can, and there are lots of enjoyable things about it. Like skiing, for instance, which is what I did for exercise the last two days. The weather has been mild for winter – temps in the 30’s F.  I was able to borrow skis and boots from a retired skier and set out to see if I remembered how to move in them in an upright fashion.

Me, thinking I’m ready to go.

It took me 15 minutes or so to get dressed for this outing – a borrowed under layer from my sister in law, a borrowed pair of ski pants from my brother, a ski jacket from my nephew.  People up here have these things and it is a blessing not to have to buy them since they are often expensive. All these clothing items are specially designed to wick moisture away and still preserve body heat. This is important because cross country skiing is a very effective way of burning calories and you will SWEAT.

And I have to say – the newer gloves with “techy” fingers are great because you can open your touch screen to take pics without removing gloves. 

Cross country skiing can be done on the flat, thank God. In keeping my balance, I find there are mainly two things to watch out for – when I think I’m going to grip but instead I slide, and when I think I’m going to slide and instead I grip. Snow is funny that way. It is also different when you travel new snow for the first time and are breaking a trail. For this reason I did a long loop around the condo greenspace and then followed the tracks again the second time. The second time was much quicker. I find myself looking down a lot to keep my balance, but it also is fun to notice details like those in the next two pics.

The simplicity of things jumps out at you when everything is covered in white.
Deer tracks across the trail

I’m happy to say I did not fall once on the first day.  I did not fall on the second day until I finished three times around the loop and was feeling more confident. At that point the rubber toe broke off one of my boots and I suddenly discovered I had no connection to the right ski. I decided to walk the short distance to the house, and somehow forgot that I did still have a connection to the left ski. It’s like having one foot that is maybe 10 inches long and one that is six feet long – doesn’t work. I fell into soft, cushy white stuff which is tons better than any other kind of falling.

Just one way to battle winter and come out ahead. More coming, stay tuned…

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