Family by Design

It was a short trip – we were there about 24 hours.  We didn’t do unusual or special things, but we did spend time being family.  I made supper for Julie while she finally got time to update her resume. She gave up her room and bed for us and slept on the couch.  She had to go early to do rounds at the vet hospital so I got to spend time turning out the animals and cleaning the barn in the morning.  We cooked breakfast together and rushed off a bit late to church. We spent time again in the afternoon cooking in the kitchen. Short conversations about work, school, graduation, friends and roommates, summer plans…  And then her need to get some things done that we couldn’t really help her with, and our need to not be traveling late led to the mutual decision to be on our way.

It is just a blessing to be able to spend time with someone you love, looking at a once familiar face, seeing the small things in demeanor and function that tell you whether they are holding up well or not, experiencing the small kindnesses and give/take moments, a bit of teasing and joking, all in love. I feel this way whenever I’m able to be with my daughters, my parents, my siblings and their families. And it isn’t that every visit is always trouble free and 100% comfortable. That isn’t the most important thing. I am thankful because I know everyone does not have family in their life. I choose to thank God that I do.

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