A Painful Job

This cupboard will be the worst… just sayin”

This job involves pain on all levels; physical, mental and spiritual. I’m cleaning the garage, and when I get done, if that ever happens, I want someone to come here and give me an award (is there a Nobel prize for…, no probably not). Who knew that when we bought a house with a two car garage and nice cabinets that it would become a monster’s den, a place where oil, rust, leaves and dirt come to hang out and inhabit the skeletons of old, broken machinery and electronics.  Common questions: “Does this thing work?” “What is this?”  Common answers:  “It worked back in 1980 when we used it last.” and “I have no idea what that is.”

None of us who live here want to do this job. (That’s another reason I should get an award, maybe an award just for trying.) The main reason I’m tackling it is that if we ever tried to sell, the house would look so much better with a clean, functional garage that actually could house two cars. Secondly, if we died suddenly I would be embarrassed to have anyone else do it. Thirdly, we might find something valuable that we’ve been looking for. 

The spiritually painful part is that I have to question why we let it get into such a state. That one’s heart and mind could look like one’s garage is a frightening possibility. It’s mostly a failure to deal with problems when they present themselves – thinking that they will go away? solve themselves? I don’t know. It’s a brand of laziness that refuses to make a decision and throw something away.  It masquerades as thrift.

 I do know one of my problems is having an item that is failing in some way but has a lot of other good parts. My desire to not be adding to the landfill tells me to keep the item around until I think of what to do with it. What should it be in it’s next life? Can I put a plant in it? The heavy glass panels from our old bathtub enclosures – surely all that nice glass can be put to use somewhere? I’m still waiting for inspiration to strike.
And worse, even when I know I want to throw something away I might not know how to do it. There are a lot of things that just don’t fit in a garbage can. In our old house we used to put offending objects out by the street and they usually disappeared before the garbage truck could get them, but now we live down a long driveway and half the work is getting objects to the street. We had a garage sale once and did I mention that the long driveway was only one lane? It was more like a garage sale/traffic jam.  Never again.
But with purposeful, singlemindedness I will get the job done. I am in self-imposed quarantine until I finish. I am serious. Help me. 

Honestly, we have tried to sell lots of this stuff.

I’ve actually been working two days to get to this point.

Talk (write) to me.

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