You Can Skip This One

I am sitting at my desk looking at a coupon that would allow me to save 50 cents on any Excedrin Migraine product I wanted.  I’m thinking that I could eat some of that right now if it would make my head feel better.  It’s been a slow day at home and it seems that I do get headaches on days like this quite often.  Is it dissatisfaction with the day’s activities? It could be that I wish I had gone outside more, moved more, talked more, even worked more. The things I did do needed doing but they aren’t very visible things. I think there’s something wrong with me.

So I’m left with my headache, thinking about the day and wondering if it can be salvaged or if I should just go to bed and try again tomorrow.  Maybe I should have gone off to Saturday night church with the husband.  He looked kind of lonely heading out by himself. If I listened to every sermon he listens to I think I would go out of my mind, no matter how good the sermons were.  It’s just not my favorite way of hearing from God and I’ve decided to choose carefully how I involve myself on the corporate level. I don’t want to go to more than one church and I want to focus on knowing and caring for the people I worship with.  Our problem is that he can’t commit to the church that I am involved in and I don’t want to go with him when I’m already going somewhere else.  This is not a new thing with us.  We have been with many different churches for many different reasons but hardly ever the same church at the same time. I think there’s something wrong with us.

Today we got a phone call from a travel agency.  A couple weeks ago we stopped at a home show and looked at all the displays and unfortunately, signed up for a lot of free “contests” and “give aways”.  The offer was probably a good value for a vacation, but who takes vacations? Not us. We wouldn’t do a thing like that, unless it was to visit relatives.  I think there’s something wrong with us.

I’m not saying that we’re unusual, or on the brink of falling apart because we aren’t.  But I have to say that God isn’t finished with us yet and sometimes we get uncomfortable while we’re being worked on. That’s probably part of my angst, my headache, my discontent.  And part of it is that I didn’t get much sleep last night and don’t feel well, so goodnight.

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