My Reputation Grows

The sweet little girl at the end of our drive hits me up a couple times every year. She fundraises for her school and I end up buying cookie dough, entertainment coupons, and magazines plus I always get to visit with her for a while.  But today was a first time for a higher level.  I came home from shopping and met her and a boy on a bike as they were leaving the drive in the opposite direction.  A minute later as I was unloading the groceries, they were back and coming up to the house.  The boy left his bike and I saw he was carrying the usual solicitation papers and a dog-eared book.

I always make them talk to me before I give them any satisfaction.  Alissa, my little friend, bowed and waved her arm to present Nicholas, the boy, as I asked her who she was bringing to meet me. A little conversation revealed that she didn’t know Nicholas before she saw him riding down the road and started talking to him. He lives several blocks away from us.  She found out what he was doing and offered to share her “easy marks” with him.  How nice of her.

As a result I have now helped sponsor someone to Jr.  ROTC camp next week.  He was a very polite and well-spoken young man and seemed like a good investment. He also asked for a drink of water which he downed in two gulps. He said it was “nice water” and thanked me.  I find young people so refreshing.  I hope he comes back to tell me how camp turned out.

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