Another event

 It’s funny how one can live so much with a future event in mind that everything revolves around its approach, its occurrence and then its memory. And it can all happen in such a short time once it starts. Thanksgiving and a visit from family members is the commanding event. Every day I’m planning, putting another piece of the event in place. There is a lot to do that is interesting so I’m enjoying it moment by moment.

I have done a lot of cleaning.  I have no fingernails left and if bleach is as toxic as they say, I can expect to die momentarily from exposure to it. I have disposed of enough cat hair to fully clothe two additional cats at least. (Locks of love for felines?… maybe not). I have overcome two of my most deep seated proclivities. I threw away most all the magazines I have been saving and I also gave up some boxes. I don’t know why I save boxes – except that some of them are so cleverly built and seem like they should be useful for something. Well, they’re gone. I just got tired of saving them, and cleaning them, and organizing them, and looking for a new place to store them. And in spite of the fact that I’ll probably need them tomorrow, I’m glad they’re gone.

I thought some on my meal plans for the coming week. I bought some first quality Hunsader vegetables and a boquet of sunflowers and okra pods. I was given a whole bunch of coupons for other Thanksgiving groceries by a thoughtful friend. I’ve gotten together with my co-conspirator for the cooking and we’ve planned our pre-meal work and everyone is assigned their favorite thing to bring. My guests are all lined up. I’ve started reading the Thanksgiving story to Gracie, a few chapters at a time out of the book about John Billington and Squanto. We’ve had a good laugh at all the pilgrim names like Love Brewster and Remember Morris,

I’m planning on cleaning the car and making a packing list for Gainesville tomorrow.  I have the batteries charging for the air mattresses. I’ve asked Julie to make her yummy crockpot lasagna for Friday. I have reserved our kayaks for the weekend. Things are moving forward and I’m full of anticipation of a good family time together with my children – a pretty rare thing.

And in the midst of this, last Wednesday, a young mother in our church died suddenly and unexpectedly. It must have been an embolism or something quick like that. Her four year old son found her. I have just been to her memorial service and am very aware of how quickly life can change, and how final that change can be. The things that I am thankful for, the things I get to do in the next week with people I love, have taken on a new brilliance and significance. I am so thankful for now and even more thankful that I’m not afraid of the future and of eternity. This will be a heartfelt Thanksgiving for me.

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