A Strange Day

Really it was a good day – I don’t regret anything about it. I did start out with a prayer that it would be time well spent so I’m going on faith here and feeling free to enjoy it as it was. But it was strange.

My thinking was that I would change what was happening in the lanai (closed in screen room, for you northerners). It has become a storage room of sorts which would be okay if it didn’t have glass walls that leave all my stuff in view from outside and from the living room. Typically people sit in their lanai and have morning coffee, looking out at palm trees and outdoor critters and birds and enjoying nature. When it’s cool enough, you open the sliding glass doors and let the breeze blow in. This is typical of most everyone except me, because my windows are so dirty and water spotted from my irrigation system that I can’t see out of them. And I don’t often open my glass doors because my screens fall off.  The project was going to be washing those windows and storing stuff elsewhere and having a beautiful, inviting room at the end of the day.

I moved all my outdoor plants away from the windows to begin washing. I had to get the leaf blower out to clean off the sidewalk. I had to rearrange the shelf to find a cord for the leaf blower. Actually I spent about an hour in the garage cleaning off several shelves and boxing up my canning jars. A reality check revealed that I was not out washing windows like I was supposed to be so after a second cup of coffee I re-focused. All my plants that I had pulled out on the yard looked so bedraggled and in need of care that it overwhelmed me. I went inside to work from the other direction. I took a few things off the lanai floor to store in the garage. One of the things reminded me of an email that I needed to answer so I did that for an hour and kind of forgot about the lanai. Then I remembered and went out once again with my third cup of coffee to decide what I could do.  My pantry is in the lanai so I decided to clean, consolidate and weed out old food products. I made an overwhelming mess taking things off the shelves.  Some of the items needed to go into the kitchen storage so I went there and ended up cleaning several cupboards in the kitchen.  I found two huge, opened containers of Hershey’s cocoa and couldn’t get it all into one so I had to make brownies and use up the leftover cocoa. I found lots of stuff I didn’t know I had. And evidently I had it for a long time because there were lots of “best used by 2007” and similar messages on the cans and boxes.  I got overwhelmed and decided to play the piano and regain my sanity.

This was basically the pattern of my day and in case you’re wondering how I got from washing windows to baking brownies – well, you had to be there. It was a perfectly clear progression. Fortunately it ended with an up-to-date pantry,  a new sense of organization, and a list of new “to dos”. I still didn’t get the windows washed.

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