This Beautiful Place

This picture of a setting sun over a lake and wooded horizon is  from  my summer visit to Wisconsin.  One of our last days there the family went up to a resort on Lake Owen called Garmisch.  It’s very German and the main lodge, high on a bank overlooking the lake, definitely shows the European style.  The restaurant there has always been one of our favorites and I would say that I’ve probably gone there every time I’ve visited home in the last twenty years.  Every year I say I’m  going to get a room  and stay there sometime.  Every year I dream  of taking a kayak around the lake.  It’s such a beautiful place and I just wanted to give it credit.  And here are a couple more of my best pics of Garmisch. 

2 thoughts on “This Beautiful Place

  1. You probably did go there with us – the food is not always memorable. One lunch I had there was fixed by the bartender(slow season)and I was a third way through my hamburger before I realized there was no meat in it. That was one I remembered – haha. They gave me a do-over.

  2. I think we went there when I was with you in Wisconsin that time. It seems like we went with several of your family members. I can't remember a thing about the food, but I remember being there and having a meal.

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