Storage Wars

I watched (once) one of those reality shows recently that follows several groups of people who bid on storage rooms that are up for auction due to nonpayment. It was sort of interesting to see them sizing up the contents without actually being able to paw through. It made me think of our own storage room that was mistakenly put up for auction back in 1987 and how painful it was to discover half of our earthly belongings suddenly gone – an empty room.  Somebody got a real deal there with all my wedding china and flatware, quite a few family antiques, furniture… I’m getting sick thinking about it. 

Lately, with an art project in mind, I’ve been looking for old window panes. I’ve been going to a couple of the places on my route to and from work – after three years of passing them by and thinking how interesting their junk looked. They are little shops, usually old houses, with collections of odd things, old things, used things, and thrift store stuff. Honestly, they kind of suck you right in with charm and mystery. I did find some window panes that were slightly rotted, paint curling, glazing half gone and glass partly broken out but I decided that $45 was a bit much for what I was getting. (So if you’re getting old wooden windows replaced – do not throw them in the garbage because you can practically pay for your new windows by selling the old ones!!!) My biggest problem, besides the price of the windows, is that I almost always find something else in the store that I can’t pass up. 
This week I stopped in at the Hard Times Trading Post for a look and was greeted with “hi-welcome to our new shop-we’re working like the storage wars show-there’s something new here every week” and then she took a breath. I thought to myself that maybe it was high time I got on the good end of the storage war process.  There had to be something that I really wanted here if I looked it over very meticulously.  And I mean meticulously, because if you just walk around looking, it will all seem like junk. You have to look at each item as if it were the only thing on the shelf, or in the bin. My first good find was a great 4 person tent. It is so new that some of the guy lines were still factory wrapped. It had been put up at least once because there was an empty plastic water bottle in it but it’s in perfect shape. Ten bucks. I grabbed it.
Another item that caught my interest was a motorcycle helmet sitting on top of a bookcase all by itself. Julie has been wanting us to go for a ride on her bike but she has only one helmet.  I took a picture of it and sent it to her. Phone cameras are so convenient for times like this when you need an expert opinion on something. Unfortunately, the expert didn’t respond until later that night when she told me that brand of helmet often costs over $200 and I should get it. I had to work the next morning but a friend stopped in and got it for me. Twelve bucks. I checked online and saw the same model going for $269.00 new.
Stopping there just might be my new weekly treat.  

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