The Answer

…another verse, same as the first, bow to your partner.  Probably third or fourth grade, physical education class.  PE or Phy Ed as we called it in Wisconsin, was divided into sections over the school year.  We almost always started with calisthenics, played the sports in their seasons, had times when we were tested and measured according to the President’s physical fitness standards.  I hated that part. There was so much competition to do the shuttle run faster than the next person and so much shame if you couldn’t do the minimum number of sit ups or pull ups. I say shame but it wasn’t like a long lasting shame – maybe till class was over. But a part of Phy Ed that I always liked, and never thought there was enough of, was the square dancing.  (Can you imagine how square dancing would go over in today’s schools?) The songs and calls were played on a record player. We were forced to find partners, boy/girl if we could pull it off, otherwise girl/girl.  And the squares that really learned it well were chosen to be in the program at the end of the year. Parents came to watch. You got to wear costumes, skirts with puffy slips under them, and new tennis shoes.  It wasn’t hard and it was just fun. Dancing is fun today too, but as much as I like line dancing which is probably the modern day equivalent, there is more camaraderie in square dancing. You get to dance with everybody’s partners and you don’t always know what the next call will be.

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