On Becoming More Unique

The Oneacrewoods is a unique property. I’ve thought that since my first glance down the drive back in the old days – that’s when I fell in love with it and my feelings have not changed a bit!  To find such a sizeable lot with a double house and so many unusual trees within a 1/2 mile of a business district is not a common thing. And now, a new landmark, our own lion guarding the entry.  We needed this. 

Hello, welcome to the Oneacrewoods! Roar!

It belongs to the person next door, and the drive is one that we share. I guess since it is really his property and we just have access rights he can put anything there that he wants, so bear in mind (or lion in mind) that I did not go out and buy this lion. It just appeared yesterday while I was at work.  He’s got a rather friendly face, for a lion, and he is about the size of a real lion… none of those trailer park yard ornament varieties. Kind of a red sandstone color.

My first thought was that he was a little ostentatious for the Oneacrewoods.  I can see him fitting in at Buckingham Palace or some large gated estate maybe. The truth is I think lions are a little ostentatious in front of gated estates too.  I mean, who are they kidding? We’re to think they have lions guarding their gate? Is this Africa?  I even queried Facebook to see what my friends thought of this lion and got mixed reviews. Paint it, cover it, name it, cool, stately, needs a lamb – clearly there are many kinds of people in the world with different tastes. Thank you all for your opinions, but as I read them I was often thinking “really?”

So there he is.  I asked the husband what he thought of the lion and he said “where is he?” This is after he had driven past, within four feet of this life-size object.  Reminder to self: do not take this man on your next lion hunting safari.  Yes, so there he is and it looks like he’s staying a while. I can use him as a landmark, telling my friends to turn in by the red lion and not having to worry about them saying “which red lion?”  That’s the beauty of being a bit odd and more unique. I’m just sayin’…

Is that a little smile I see?

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