Bug Soup

I have been disappointed.  On the scale from 1 being least to 10 being greatest, this is only about a 2 but it is the most recent disappointment I’ve had so here it is…  (It’s also slightly disgusting)

I’m making soup with my home canned tomatoes, a whole chopped onion, a bunch of celery, some white beans and as the final ingredient other than spices I’m preparing to cook some brown rice.  Thankfully I decided to cook it separately and add it later.  After rinsing it under running water as per instructions and putting it into the pan to boil, what do I see but a horde of little black guys floating to the surface, taking their last breaths I suppose.  This is long grain organic rice and I guess having used no pesticides, the bugs come with the rice, for the same price.  What a deal. 

Well, they’re floating, so I thought maybe I could fish them out with a spoon. That worked pretty good but everytime I stirred the rice a few more came to the surface. Evidently, not all of them are bouyant – the more muscular ones are heavier? I don’t know.  What to do?  I mean how dangerous could they be? They’ve been eating organic rice all their lives in this bag where they probably were born.  Couldn’t we just eat them?

Now for all of you who have ever eaten at my house – rest easy.  I did throw them out.  I checked the bag and threw it out too.  I’m just sayin’ I hate to waste things so this was disappointing. 

One thought on “Bug Soup

  1. You bring up an interesting question!Emotionally I don't think I could handle eating buggy rice. It's probably not even so much the adult bugs as imagining them as baby larvae, squirming around in the bag, that would engage my gag reflex. But intellectually I realize that it would probably be fine. It used to be a part of life back in tho old days before ziplock bags and tupperware…and pesticide.

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