I went in search of comfort food in my kitchen (shortly after reading about fudge in someone’s blog) and there wasn’t any, unless you count grapes or metamucil cookies, and I don’t.   There was nothing that fit my craving.  What a different life I lead than in the past!  Where are the cookie bakers, the hot chocolate drinkers, the brownie fiends? Instead I am left with the “disappearing husband” who can’t eat any of that stuff and doesn’t even dare have it around anymore.  Every once in a while – like this last weekend – one of my young, healthy family members comes home and blows the fat restricted cardiac diet out of the water.  We went out for pizza –  Dennis asked if there were any low fat pizzas on the menu and the waiter looked at him like he was from another planet.  We ate macaroni and cheese –  I had to have something for dinner for the aged guest who can’t chew very well. (excuses?) There were cookies after church – I left before visiting the snack table but my daughter who stayed brought a cookie home for me.  We went to a birthday party and had ambrosia salad and cake from Publix, decorated in bright indelible colors. Twice I opened a can of soda, well, and drank it, of course.  It’s been months since I did that.  I was even inspired to post my love of butter on my facebook page. Crazy things happen to people who restrict themselves over much.

 But now the weekend is past.  I’m back to eating cereal in the car on the way to work, in the dark, mostly at stoplights. I feed the cat better than I feed myself.  I let the refrigerator get almost empty of everything before I grocery shop. I don’t want to cook so we have a salad almost every night.  I am imaginative as I throw it together but it still gets a little tedious. And no matter how hard I try to use it up, there is always some form of salad green rotting or turning yellow in the fridge.

All this is to report that the husband is indeed, still disappearing, losing weight and exercising.  Still motivated. Still in a good mood about it all.  He’s going for another check up on the blood pressure tomorrow, but lately  it is often too low  rather than too high.  My day off tomorrow will have to include vegetable procurement which is our biggest grocery expense anymore.  Vegetables are good.  Fruit is good… hmm….  There are two bananas left and I’m thinking they are just right for some banana bread.  Oh yeah.

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