My Meaningful Work

I once heard someone thanking God for the meaningful work that he had that week and I must say, that was a new thought to me. I liked it. I need to have a reason to apply myself to something, hence the importance of being meaningful, and I need it to be work in order for time off to be different and special in contrast. 

This week it became apparent to me how much my employer really does appreciate the care I give her.  It made it so much easier to go to work and I almost didn’t mind going at all. This was a breakthrough for me. Every once in a while I get so tired of my job that I could easily quit if it weren’t for financial necessity. It’s been this way my whole life which is why I have no 25 year history with some good company and a retirement pension. In fact I think I’ve had this job longer than any other I’ve ever had and I’ve only had it three and a half years. Kind of a sorry record. I get so tired of my work for one reason or another that I find a way to leave and do something else.

Here’s the bottom line. I was at this precarious stage of attitude and knew I needed to change my thinking. I was praying for some genuine reason to like going to work again.

So remember last week when I got the flu/cold virus and spent the whole weekend in bed?  Guess who was coughing and miserable when I got to work Monday night? Yes, she got it from one of us in spite of our wearing masks and trying not to breathe on her.  She has been very sick all week. I’ve been extra careful with her in spite of not feeling well yet myself and she has been thankful.  I feel a little like a cross between a nurse and a mother as I work with her.  For the time being that dark, oppressive “anywhere but here” feeling is gone.  Our thinking, our minds, … very spooky places.

My other meaningful work – getting rid of unneeded things in storage – is a bit stalled.  Stacks of paper did not get shredded. Closet is emptied but it’s all on the table in the hall instead and I still don’t know what to do with half of it.  I did organize a potluck dinner for 25 people for tomorrow night.  We are having it for the visiting Cambodian pastor at whose house I stayed last December.  That was mostly email work, but it was meaning ful too. 

And now it’s the weekend and I get to enjoy going out to eat, not cooking, tonight.  And I get to enjoy sleeping without an alarm in the morning, and a cup of coffee NOT in the car, and many other things, none of which would seem too special were it not for my meaningful work.

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