Virus Diary

Day 1
I’ve been very tired today. My throat is unusually dry.  Red flag… this doesn’t feel good and I’m going to take some vitamin C right now.  I can usually head off minor threats this way.  A couple hours and I’ll be done at work and can go home and take a nap. No problem.

Day 1.5
Took nap.  Throat is definitely sore now.  Head hurts too.  I’d better e-mail employer and let her know I’m coming down with something and it’s fast and vicious. Taking ibuprofen, Zicam, more vitamin C and hoping I can get to sleep. Husband has to bring me soup. How pathetic.

Day 2
Employer is sorry I’m not feeling well.  Says to wear a mask. My throat isn’t quite as sore but now the plague has reached the sinuses and I’m feeling very thick headed.  Off to work with my box of masks and my pills.

Day 2.5
I hate masks – as if it isn’t hard enough to breathe already. Head  is exploding.  Just get me through this day at work and I’ll be able to rest and recover over the weekend.

Day 2.75
Feel horrible. Face hurts. Can’t think. Can’t sleep. Must watch TV to keep mind off pain.  Cancelled dinner with friends that I’d been looking forward to all week. Made some soup but it was awful. Did I mention it was awful? Time to bring out the heavy gun – Nyquil cocktail and to bed.

Day 3
I am resolved to just be sick at home and enjoy it! Cancelled all my Saturday stuff. Camped out on recliner surrounded by kleenex, pills, water, and TV remote.  Daughter coming home from school this weekend – hope she doesn’t catch it.

Day 3.5
Weak and shaky, the old “fever feeling”, but head feels better. I can breathe again. This thing really changes fast. Now my chest hurts.

Day 3.75
Have to go out for an hour long procedure at work.  Kind husband and daughter go with me to make sure I stay on the road.  On the way home we stop by the beach and walk down to touch the water. I must be feeling better.

Day 4
What is this thing going to do now that it’s in my chest? I cancel singing at church. It feels good to know things go on without me. Look at all the things I can cancel! Wow. Have breakfast and enjoy the morning with daughter. Try not to cough on her.

Day 4.5
First time out all weekend – daughter wants to shop at Goodwill. I think I can manage that even with my occasional healthy cough. I am kind of surprised that this thing has resolved as much as it has. I appear fairly normal with a somewhat lower voice.

Day 4.75
Daughter leaving for school again. Says her throat feels a little scratchy. Guilt. I am still tired and glad to have tomorrow morning off work. Hoping a good night’s sleep will put an end to one nasty, old virus. No comebacks, please.

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