I do love security in general but when I see that word online I start to get nervous.  It means I’m going to be asked for a user name and password … are you seeing what I mean?  Things started out simple because hardly anything had a password in the beginning (Genesis chapter 1 had no passwords that I recall) but now EVERYTHING has a password and some things have two plus a picture and six questions.  So when life includes three banks, three airline frequent flyer clubs, utility accounts for 3 residences, cell phones, kindles, amazon and 10 other online stores, password recall becomes a full-time job for a well trained memory. 

I had a favorite word that inspired me and it became my first password.  Then I heard that you really should change it from time to time so I added a prefix, later a suffix, then a variation of the word that had the word in it.  Soon the little test boxes started showing up that told you how secure your password was and mine was not secure because it was, after all, just a word. A computer could run through the whole dictionary and come up with my password in no time at all.  So I had to add a number or a symbol which I did.  That was better but to complicate matters, advice was to choose a DIFFERENT password each time you were asked for one.  What? And it would also be better not to have any real words but just random letters and numbers.  The tip I liked best was to choose a line from a song and take the first letter of each word – so you could remember it easier.

 By this time I was amazed that anyone was at all concerned with making something easier. And it was too late for me. Some of my passwords got changed, some didn’t.  The ones I actually remembered were written down on a precious paper.  I had to keep updating the precious paper and I had to put it somewhere that bad people couldn’t find it. Unfortunately, I also frequently had trouble finding it, so I had to keep it right with my computer (now doesn’t that defeat the purpose, you say? Yes, it does.)  The best thing I’ve heard is not to write these things down at all.  You should store them online, in the cloud. Yeah right, that sounds secure….

It’s probably obvious by now that today I’ve been reinstalling email accounts on my phone and trying to figure out which eight letters/numbers/symbols were in the password that I picked out a zillion years ago when I started the account.  Can you believe I finally guessed what it was?!!!  A bad person surely could have done it quicker though – I’m just sayin’.

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