Growing Excitement

I’m in that good place where there seems to be enough time to leisurely choose what to pack for two weeks in Wisconsin. It’s been a relaxing day doing laundry, ironing and folding and deciding. I’ve even picked out the things I most want to see on my husband, since I will be around him most of the time. This process of packing takes a bit of thought, a lot of decisiveness and even some sacrifice. Most everything I need for 14 days has to fit in two relatively small spaces unless I want to check a bag for $20, and somehow I just can’t bring myself to do that.

Why do I suddenly discover so many clothes that seem like they must come with me? Is it because I remember  August in Wisconsin being very hot, and very cold, and very wet at different times but all in the same day?  Maybe, yes. And you never know, I might want to look GOOD so my family isn’t agahst at how evil time has been to me, and I might want to swim, or need my hiking shoes (and you know they take up half a suitcase). I could borrow sweaters and raincoats but I have ones that are my favorites and if I can’t wear them in Wisconsin why do I have them?

In my dreams I’m confident, care free and able to live in a five piece wardrobe, mix and match, which I rinse out in the sink after a couple wearings. Hey, I don’t even need that second carry-on because it all fits in my purse, next to my computer.  Everything goes beautifully with my jewelry and my one pair of shoes which are so cute and comfortable – I can’t even describe them to you (… because they don’t exist).  I walk through airports totally unencumbered. Everything I need is instantly at my fingertips, in the first place I look.

And back to reality, I would really like to get this nearly done today because the rest of the days before we go are going to be taken up with other preparations. I need to have company for a couple dinners so we don’t leave a lot of food in the refrigerator. The plants have to be prepared for neglect. The cats have to be prepared for neglect. The lawn has to be mowed one last time and prepared for neglect. All this in spare time apart from work and church and sleep and necessary wasted time. Can I do it? You bet.

2 thoughts on “Growing Excitement

  1. Can you believe that I forgot about taking several major things that I needed and had to buy again in Hayward?!! There must have been a stack of things that I completely overlooked and didn't pack at all.

  2. When I go on big trips (with lots of necessary outfits and shoes) I usually split a big suitcase with Eduardo, that way we don't have to drag our carry-on all through the airport, and we only have to pay for one bag. It usually works out pretty well.Also I try to wear my biggest pair of shoes to travel in. They are a pain in the butt in security, but it's worth it for all the space they take up.

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