The concert that I was in angst over all last week took place on Sunday and was a total joy and success.  It was organized just well enough to get everything done but not so highly organized as to create anxiety for us ordinary participants (I don’t know about the host – he had a lot to do…). I had a good time playing the music but probably more important was meeting such a wide variety of people, from all over the Tampa Bay area.

So what do you think when you hear “Mennonite church”?  I certainly wasn’t prepared for a fully equipped sound booth and a stage that would accomodate 30 plus people all with mics, amps, monitors, etc…  They did not have any keyboards but they had a really nice acoustic grand piano which was a joy to play. No one was in typical Mennonite dress (well, who knows what typical is anymore?) The leaders of the project were two men, identical twins, who were pastor and worship leader at their church.  They had chosen a mix of very active contemporary songs, more contemplative and passionate contemporary songs, traditional hymns done a capella, and  a couple hymns with bluegrass banjo and harmonica, something for everyone.  Dennis, who usually runs screaming from the room holding his ears when there are drums and bass guitars, sat in the second row for the whole thing.

And you know I was expecting to get the door prize for the oldest one doing music but there were several men older than I was among the 30 musicians/singers.  I introduced myself to one older man – he must have been really good looking as a young guy and was still attractive for his age.  He was 88 and had ridden his three wheeled bike to the church, wearing his shorts and barefoot because it looked like it might rain. He had his umbrella ready. So for anyone who thinks there is an age limit in leading others in praise and worship, forget that.  He was right in there for every song. He was only one of several interesting characters I met, and hope to see again.

Rehearsal, all on stage except me

Me, having a great time

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