Staying cool

I’m not talking about cool in a socially popular sense, I’m talking temperature.  I’m staying inside today instead of getting all hot and exhausted. For one thing, I’m already feeling a bit tired out mentally. For two things, I’ve got to get my mind around all that’s going on musically this weekend and get myself a little more certain of what I’m doing.  I spent some time this morning looking over the lyrics to the songs for the concert this Sunday evening.  They are some of my new favorite songs and I already identify with the things we are saying in them. I’m now praying that whatever I do, on whatever instrument I play, will not detract from what the song can be.

So, I thought to myself, Shirley you should get these songs on your new phone to hear how they can be done.  As I mentioned before, when the lead sheet says “piano plays tinkly stuff for 5 measures” that leaves a lot to the imagination. It took me an hour (probably) looking at the apps on my phone to figure out one that would lead to some music store.  Several times I thought I was there and suddenly my phone decides to go somewhere else. I finally found some comments on the Samsung app about how it was bloatware and worse than the free google app. So now it only takes me a minute or so to find a song – got that figured out. So I have one playlist with five songs on it. Pathetic, but I have to start somewhere. I had more music on my old phone and getting it one the new phone is my next tech challenge. I have no idea what I’m doing and am always amazed when something works. There are just too many things in the world to learn.

In my kitchen life things are more simple. We need food in the refrigerator. I know where to get it. Cooking for the new diet is not as hard as some diets have been. It’s basically the way I like to eat anyway. And it seems to be working for Dennis. He usually tells me in the morning how much weight he’s lost overnight (?) and the steady progress is keeping him motivated.  The latest step in the heart disease reversal plan is that he will be starting an exercise program at Blake Hospital when we get back from our vacation in Wisconsin. He’ll be going several times a week to work with a trainer who reportedly will stretch him to greater things than he would do himself. And if it turns out to be dangerously more than his health can handle – well, he’s in the hospital and there’s probably a doctor or two around to revive him. He’s calling himself “the disappearing husband” and we both had a laugh over that. I can still see him pretty well.

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