I’m waiting for it to be cool enough to go outside and mow the lawn and for the laundry to be done in the dryer.  I’m waiting to see how my employer will respond to my latest e-mail.  I’m waiting for a text-back from my daughter to hear how her trip home went. I’m eagerly waiting for my vacation home to Wisconsin to come.  I’m waiting for supernatural direction on several life issues. I’m waiting for numerous prayers to be answered. Waiting is not a bad thing, I don’t think. The longer I live, the more comfortable I am with it. 

I used to get very worked up inside having to wait for other people to get ready to go somewhere with me.  I’m very time conscious and given a choice I will always be leaving early to get someplace on time.  I even like to have extra time in case some unforseen thing happens to delay me. Having this mindset and being ready to get in the car, I would find out that the person who wanted to go with me was just beginning to consider taking a shower and getting dressed… the resulting wait was really difficult. And it usually made the following car time unpleasant as well.

 But now I think, this is the person and the circumstance that I’m given.  I can get angry, hurt them emotionally, make them angry or I can love them. I may not even make it to the next person or the next event so I’d better be really careful with the person I have right now. I believe my time is ordered by God, every minute of it, so when I’m asked to wait, it now occurs to me that there’s something God wants me to see in that waiting moment.  And that he will get me to where he wants me to be next, at the time I’m supposed to be there.  I’m not worried. God can do some really spooky things with time.  I still have to walk myself through this in crisis times but it’s getting more habitual.  My conscious choices are quicker and better.  I’m just saying that there are some very rich and rewarding things about living, learning and getting more experienced.

Now to mow the lawn.

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