A Quiet Day

I feel so good tonight it’s a shame I have to go to bed.  I don’t know if a nap can really make this much difference or if I’m getting a charge of energy for some other reason.  Maybe I’m just making up on this end of the day for the chaos on the other end.
I woke up this morning 15 minutes before I was supposed to be at work. I’m getting used to a new phone and didn’t set the alarm correctly. It takes on average half an hour to get to work.  I was only fifteen minutes late, which means I woke up and spent zero minutes getting on the road.  It felt like that. I was half way there before I realized I still had my mouth guard in. I did get dressed. I also got a headache, for which I took Excedrin (breakfast).

Work was uneventful. There were no remarks about the “no work travel anymore, here’s when my vacation to Wisconsin is happening” e-mail.  We rushed through the morning and she got off to Rotary on time.  I took a lab specimen down to Sarasota Hospital for her. I did an errand for Julie.  I took a pretty decent nap. I spent some time on the computer. I cooked supper and ate with Dennis.  We fixed a broken sprinkler head on the irrigation system together and I pulled some weeds while I was out there. I cleaned up and watched some Olympics. I did a small sewing project for work tomorrow.
I am ready for bed.

Yesterday when I was stuffing some yard trash down into the can, I got speared by a bouganvillea spike right into a large vein on my inner arm. It bled out on my shirt and under the skin quite a bit before it clotted so I thought it was probably clean. Tonight it’s starting to hurt and maybe is just a little infected looking. Not good. I am loading up on vitamin C and putting some heat on it while I sleep.

So I have no other deep thoughts or thrilling experiences to write about. It was just a good, quiet day for which I am thankful.

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