A Fat Blog, Really?

Lately around home I hear a lot about diets, fat and weight loss.  A lot about heart disease, stents.  Yes, my husband has discovered he has some blocked arteries in his heart. The doctors he’s consulted want him to have a stent put in but after reading about some of the bad experiences people have had, he has decided not to do it. The people who died from not having stents placed aren’t around to post their bad experiences, a fact which has to be weighed in there somewhere, but still he thinks he can reverse his problem.  He doesn’t just think it, he’s really excited about doing it.  He’s thankful he has a compelling reason to do what he has wanted to do for years – lose weight.

So, his hero is Dr. Dean Ornish who has written the book on heart disease reversal.  The diet required is basically vegetarian, with only 10% of daily calories to be from fat sources.  It’s pretty restricted.  Exercise is also a big part of this regimen, as is having good personal relationships and avoiding stress. “So you should write up my progress in your blog”, he says. And I’m thinking it would be a lot more reasonable if he would write up his own progress in HIS blog.  I think I actually said that to him. But the whole idea got stalled on the matter of having a blog, because he doesn’t have one and probably won’t, ever.

I do have a certain perspective on this program he’s setting himself to. After all, I’m the one who most often shops for what we eat, and fixes what we eat, and calls him to the table. I also seem to be the exercise police in the evening. So I’m a part of what goes on and I guess I might as well add this story to the other ones I tell.

I am proud to say that the husband has lost (by his own report) a total of 15 pounds off his all-time high. He has many more to go but this is a good start, and as I said, he is very excited this time around. So from time to time my post will be about the deprivation, discipline and agony we are going through and about the fat melting off, I hope.

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