Weather Talk

Our first taste of hurrican weather came yesterday and today – nonstop rain and grayness. Today there is wind and a few tornado reports. The oneacrewoods is waving it’s arms wildly – you’d never know the trees were that flexible to look at them.  And of course, I have to drive out to the beach for work tonight.  I’ve been told I should drive the truck because the water is high on the road, and the tide is as high as it has ever been without having to evacuate.  This should be an adventure. 

Spent all day Saturday at the condo cleaning and painting (I do both unlike my friend who says painting IS cleaning and is all you need to do). One more day will finish it and then I need a new renter.  Please come and live in my condo, quickly. It is nice there and every time we go in and get ready for someone new I imagine myself living there and want to do all sorts of cool decorative stuff. 

I think I’m hungry. I should go now.

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