This Would Be Better with Pictures, I Know

I think I’m doing incredibly well during this very busy week (in spite of my new awareness of sensitivity to overstimulation – more about this to come, I hope) and it’s nearly over. I have only two, maybe three obstacles left to conquer. It was a tremendous help that I was not asked to work for the last three days.  I’ll get all my remaining hours tonight and tomorrow morning as I do a double. (shoud have had a picture of me ready for work…)

The finished task is VBS, Vacation Bible School.  I just have to say that things have sure changed since I was a kid.  My memories of VBS (although we never called it that back then, it was just Bible School ) are pretty good yet.  I remember being taken there and left along with my siblings who were old enough to go – no parents hanging around that I can remember.  Now, parents and helpers are everywhere. There seemed to be a grownup or a big kid with every three or four little kids. And instead of being like a regular school day, 9 – 3 with a lunch at noon, it’s maybe two and half hours long. The one I was helping with had a 5:30 dinner for everyone before activities started and that was my duty station – serving food.  It was a good opportunity for me to meet new people and work with them long enough to remember who they were. We had some interesting menus, but I have had my fill of pasta in crock pots for a while. (should have had a picture of me picking noodles off my shoes…)

I survived babysitting on Tuesday, rather, the children survived me babysitting them. They made it very easy for me by happily staying in their pajamas all day and watching Netflix cartoons most of the time. I feel a little guilty for not entertaining them better, but I did right by the little guy and sang him to sleep for his nap. I find that “Frog Went A Courtin” is an ingenious tune because it repeats the first line three times with a lot of  mmhmms in between, giving me plenty of time to think of an ending rhyme. I sang at least 30 verses before the eyes stopped popping open.  Sugery went fine for the parent. (should have had a picture of still anesthetized parent being helped into house…)

I was even able to insert an unplanned visit to the eye doctor into my schedule on Wednesday. I’m not sure what is happening to my eyes. The doctor wasn’t sure either, but I’m on some antibiotic and antiinflammatory drops and no wearing of contact lenses for a few days. I have found that my eyes look really, really green when the white part is really, really red.  It’s quite a strange picture and a bit scary. I’m better now.  (should have had a picture of me… no, probably not)

Now to get through the weekend and the remaining hurdles without being overcome. 

Talk (write) to me.

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