Plan Ahead

This is the exciting time of the year when I get to start a brand new calendar/planner. I somehow got started with school year planners so it’s normally a July to July notebook sized affair. Shopping for the next one has always been fun for me because there are so many styles, decorative twists, extras for students or busy moms, or business schedules. I enjoy looking them over and deciding.  The last few years I’ve opted for plain jane weekly pages with room to write a summary of the day. Since they can be quite expensive (up to $20 for really cute ones) I was thrilled to find this one at the drugstore for $4.97. What a bargain! And the nice thing is, it goes to December 2013 so I can get back on a yearly schedule. 

I have saved these calendars for years along with my journals. They are like a history of my life and it’s fun to read the older ones and re-live times I’ve entirely forgotten.
They are also a handy resource. In a minute I’m going to look for the date our last tenant began to rent from us and try to figure out whether we owe him a security deposit.  It’s also fun to look at my old “to do” lists and see what the stresses of the day were. Planning ahead actually helps me live one day at a time (see previous post) because I write the appointment in and then don’t think about it until that day arrives.  I just have to REMEMBER TO LOOK AT THE CALENDAR.  Excuse me now while I go put some dates to remember in my new book.

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