One of my readers views the blog on a MacPro and asked me why I had put the pictures overlapping the text. Anyone else see it like that? His view is completely different from mine, in which the pictures don’t cover anything.  I hate putting pictures in because they are very difficult to place in any meaningful way. They don’t drag well, being unresponsive as you move them and suddenly jumping off the screen. Most of the time they refuse to move at all except basic left, right and center placement. And I think there is a person somewhere hired to figure out how the text wraps around the pictures and he is very creative  to say the least.  I put up with his decisions pretty much because I have to.  But who am I to complain but a user.  Maybe instead of insisting the program be user friendly, I should become program smart, eh?

One thought on “Whaaa?

  1. I have a hard time posting to blogger on my iPad, and can't from my phone either, so I think it's a compatibility issue with Mac's. It's unfortunate though.

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